Zulu Love Letters are African Beaded messages given by Zulu ladies to their sweethearts as images of their adoration and love, each bead color shade of the Zulu Love Letter passes on an alternate message. Zulu Love Letters can be hand crafted to join organization hues.

Zulu Love Letters

WHITE: image of trust, virtue, cleanliness and intimate romance means true love.

BLACK: pain, dejection, my heart has turned as dark as the rafters in the hut as I hear you have another lady.

YELLOW: riches (or absence of) on the off chance that we wed I will be eager as you possess no bull to slaughter.

GREEN: love ailment, desire, I have gotten to be as slender as a piece of turf from pining for you.

BLUE: steadfastness, in the event that I were a dove I would fly through blue skies to contact you.

TURQUOISE: anxiousness, I am losing trust that you will wed me.

RED: extraordinary affection, aching, my heart seeps with adoration for you.

PINK: miserable neediness, in the event that you continue betting and squandering cash, you will never sufficiently spare for my Lobola (dowry paid in cattle).

BROWN: my affection resembles the earth that offers ascend to new life.

STRIPED BEADS: question, allegations, two faced.

For More Information – Zulu Love Letters


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